Automating process

I help you to execute tedious work automatically, build tools to master challenges faster & more reliable and train your team in using and building software solutions.

Individual software solutions bringing your business forward.

100% Execution

There is little more beautiful than human creativity. Automating office routine means to let your employees thrive in what they are best at. Automated tasks also achieve perfect execution. All day and night, rinse, repeat.

Quick Results

I deliver quality results in days instead of month. No rabbit in a hat tricks, but years of industry experience under my belt and modern technology at the fingertips.

Fairy Dust

Tackle the challenging endeavors, really worth your time. Automating tedious tasks and labour within your organization frees you and your work force. It will feel like it's magic!

High Standards

I work in a constant feedback loop with the business experts at your organization. Putting results to test as soon as possible, assess and improve upon the results. We work as a team, talk a lot, and only do what works. It's that easy.


Meet Thorben

Bringing together a classical computer science background with heaps of curiosity is key. I love to explore new fields every day and tackle even the toughest problems. My deep expertise in the web ecosystem let me come up with sound and future proof solutions. No matter if it is on a beefy server in your datacenter or the latest smart phone.

Leaving behind plain execution there is so much more. I love to share my experience and seek to exchange knowledge with others! No matter if that is as a speaker at conference around the world, organizer of international tech events or university lecturer.

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With many years of experience my technically background is covering:

  • Design and execution of service oriented software systems
  • Business automation in Ruby for Linux, Windows and OS X
  • Integration with and data processing from arbitrary third party software
  • Web development using Rails and the Angular JavaScript framework
  • Developing web driven mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Team mentoring and technical leadership

More on my technical background
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Leading Teams

Time and again I have proven to leverage team's strength and create a meaningful work environment. It's my priority to keep the team on track to deliver great work and keep promises while making sure everyone is on the same page. I am a fan of just enough process along the way: Make sure everyone shares the big vision, make room for mastery and purpose of each individual and ensure as little distractions as possible.

Lets make your team thrive

Easy & honest conditions

My rate is 110€/hr and I bill in 15 minute increments. All work is documented and kept track of in the way you need it. I offer a 10% discount for pre-paid work.

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What others say about my work

In the brief time we worked with Thorben it became quickly clear he is a top notch Ruby/Rails developer. The code he wrote was clean and he wrote tests every step of the way.
Gregg Pollack, Founder of Envy Labs & Code School
Thorben is an incredibly talented and well rounded developer. He's beloved by the team, and by myself. He's the best.
Tammer Saleh, author of Rails Antipatterns

Lets talk and plan how your business can get done more in less time.