Thorben Schröder

Software Engineer, Public Speaker, Mentor

Trained as a computer scientist at University of Bremen, Germany I have been working in different fields and industries as a web developer, AI engineer as well as on several, large service oriented architectures. That included work in their initial design and build phase as well as refactorings of monolithic code bases.

With projects across various languages and frameworks ranging from PHP over Java and more obscure, embedded languages all the way to modern Ruby and JavaScript development I could gather a holistic experience on all kind of web stacks. Since 2005 my emphasis clearly lies on working with Ruby and building a unique expertise in that field. Besides the obvious Ruby on Rails projects my focus are lower-level Ruby projects including raw work with Rack, API backends using the Grape framework or pure Windows GUI applications as well as cross-platform mobile applications using web technologies.

Internationally Experienced

I live and work out of Hamburg, Germany. As part of trans-continentally distributed teams I am used to work remotely and bring strong communication skills to the table. This ensures all work gets done precisely and the spirit is high no matter if the team is located in the same building or split across three time zones.

I spent 18 month working and living in San Francisco, CA which was key for me to get a detailed look on how a vibrant tech comunity is wired from the inside. Bringing, sharing and enabling that culture of knowledge exchange and work ethics on each job is a key part of what I do.

Public Speaking

It is always a great honor to have the opportunity to present and explain the challenges you have mastered. I thoroughly enjoy giving workshops or speaking at many conferences all over the world.

Check out some of my recorded talks in the videos linked below.

Conference Reel

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Rails Conf

Baltimore, MD
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Berlin, Germany
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Nordic Ruby

Gothenburg, Sweden

Ruby Shift (Video)

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
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Red Dot Ruby


RuLu (Video)

Lyon, France

Dev Con (Video)

Tel Aviv, Israel
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Take Off Conf

Lille, France
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Gothenburg, Sweden

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